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Karasu Killer Records

Paura "Tameless" Digipack CD
Paura review soon Check here!
Paura http://paura.bandcamp.com
Periferia S/A – Fé + Fé = Fezes CD Digipack
Review soon...

Karne Krua / Besthoven Split 7"EP
Review soon...

Napalm Death – A Brazilian Tribute to Napalm Death CD
INTO THE END: Multinational Corporations / Instinct of Survival / You Suffer/PREY OF CHAOS: The Kill/OBLITERAÇÃO: Lucid Fairytale/SOCIAL CHAOS: Social Sterility/ INFAMOUS GLORY: Hiding Behind/SUBCUT - Dementia Access/PLAGUE RAGES: Plague Rages/FORBIDDEN IDEAS: Antibody/BAGA: Next On the List/JAPURA NOISE PROJECT: Pay for the Privilege of Breathing/OBITTO: Warped Beyond Logic/ORRÖR: On the Brink of Extinction/HOMICIDE: Right You Are/SUMMER SACO: Silence is Deafening/REIKETSU: Inside the Torn Apart/EXPURGO: All Links Severed/DERANGED INSANE: The World Keeps Turning/EXPOSE YOUR HATE: Suffer the Children/RESSONANCIA MÓRFICA: Unchallenged Hate/O MITO DA CAVERNA: Envolved As One/ OLIGARQUIA: Siege of Power

Disturbia Cladis / Fear of The Future Split 7"EP
Two bands from São Paulo Brazil, DISTÜRBIA CLADIS mix hardcore crust and thrash crossover, FEAR OF THE FUTURE is punk hardcore total sweden style of the comp "The vikings are coming" !!!"By Marcelo ROT

SAV "South American Voice" CD
The guitarrist Zé Flávio (Vulcano, Psychic Possessor, Sociedade Armada, Safari Hamburguers) was active in the brazilian underground for many years. In this project he registered 13 unreleased songs, classics of Hardcore old school, friends in the vocals Prandini (Paura), João Gordo (RDP), Gepeto (Ação Direta), e Fernando (Sociedade Armada). By Gepeto

UNHOLY GRAVE “Grindcrew Warhreads” LP
Raw and brutal live recording from the showcase theatre, California from 2007.This catches the raw and gutural feeling that can only be taken away from a live Unholy Grave show. 20 songs buried deep in barren soaked grind core from Japan as they bring their chaos to the United States. Unholy Grave spreads their message of no racism and no terrorism.Blasting live fury, Raw and Unpredictable
Armagedom "Ganancia Irracional Extinção Inevitável" 7"EP
New EP of this classic brazilian deathcore band! In this EP first work with the new line up. Primitive Crust and Heavy!!!

Noala "Humo" CD
Basically, Humo presents a collection of songs with good variations of time, careful tone, inducing repetitions, forming solid compositions of sludge metal. 8/10 By MUSIC FOR THE PUEBLO

Ação Direta“World Freak Show“ CD
Eighth album of Ação Direta called "World Freak Show", the album has 11 tracks, produced by Marcello Pompeu and Heros Trench (Mr. Som Studio-São Paulo / Brazil) The band continues on active duty for more than 25 years, always direct and increasingly brutal!! Very Special guests, Alex Camargo (Krisiun), Vlads (Ulster), Rodrigo Lima (Dead Fish), João (Test),Wagner e Gigante (ET Macaco) e Pompeu (Korzus).
Ação Direta www.acaodiretabrasil.com.br
Social Chaos – Chaos Compilation 7 Eps Series “ CD
Social Chaos transform one more time in a high destruction potence of power brazilian Grind Crust band! This comp was released in all the sounds vinyl 7 (The End 7", Split with PRIMORDIAL SOUNDS, Split with SUBCUT, Split split with ATITUDE ZERO, Split with TERROR FIRME) and 14 sounds of a live show in Viena/Austria more bonus and cover of Ratos de Porão! By Renan/ Terrotten

Meant to Suffer "A Step Towards Deception" CD
Good combination of brutality of straight-forward GRINDCORE & exciting song arrangement of THRASH METAL .... Sometimes they reminds me NAUSEA(L.A),TERRORIZER,and SLAYER !!
Takaho/Unholy Grave"
Meant to Suffer http://meanttosuffer.bandcamp.com
Crowboar "Of Tusks and Talons" CD
Crowboar was formed in 2012. The group is a two piece stoner doom metal band from Japan. The band's members include Rafael Yaekashi on bass and screams, Dakota Alexander on drums. Brazilian and American styles will turn everything up as high as they can go! Of Tusks and Talons was recorded at Studio Zen in Nagoya, produced by Okazaki (Eternal Elysium).
O Mito da Caverna "Os Condenados da Terra" CD
I have no idea about the lyrics but I had this image when I was listening to the song.. Oppressed depression is a scene where you see from a tiny prison between the bars. Bloody tears with humiliation. But you try to drag yourself out, seeking for a grain of the light. You bet everything for this power... (please excuse me if this image was actually something totally wrong.) Even one song is 33 minutes long and the whole is extremely slow tempo with heavy riff but you will never feel their songs lengthy or boring. I rather think their length is very appropriate for a sludge band. --moderate guitar feedback interlude, narration, screams with reverb, and the extremely finely timed transformation of tunes. To be honest, I've never imagined that a band like this appears from South America! But definitely their unique dark sound can not born from the USA or Europe. GREAT!
Tak Koreedargh (Coffins/Trikorona)

Aberrant / Darge Split 7'EP
After teaming up on a wild and wasting Japanese tour these two great bands decided to share the glorious vinyl support to give you a kick to the face! Aberrant is absolut blasting and aggressive grindcore from Denver, Colorado (U.S.), while Darge is the grindcore thrash crust punk mayhem sensation from Japan a mix between Olho Seco and Driller Killer, with Japanese old school hardcore touch!!!!
Social Chaos "革命の息 Revolutions Breath" + "Live in Finland 2010 (Full Session)" + "Bonus Track 7inch *The End* Remaster Edition" CD PRE-ORDER NOW
Insanity, melancholy, sorrow, suffering, death, feeling that all will be in deep darkness. Don't live everyday of your life as yet another day. Do not get stuck, frustrated. Revolution breath, never give up, fight. Endure and survive! Revolution! Revolutions Breath! Another great work of the Social Chaos containing the purest dementia, dirty and aggressive one of the most significant and important bands of Brazil today. They are in total 26 insane tracks, 10 unreleased tracks of unreleased Revolutions Breath, another 10 tracks Live in Finland 2010 (Full Session), and that more special bonus 7'EP The End 6 tracks, remastered edition. Contains a booklet with translated lyrics English and Japanese, and OBI , the album art and also the exclusive tshirt art was signed by Japanese artist Shunsuke GID (Gifu/Japan).
Social Chaos www.reverbnation.com/socialchaos
革命の息 Revolutions Breath Video
The Black Coffins / Infamous Glory "bvrial breed" split CD
Infamous Glory, one of the most notorious oldschool Death Metal bands from Brazil, join forces with one of the strongest and most intense Death Metal bands to get born in the latest year, The Black Coffins. Bvrial Breed will blow your mind from the very first second with the funeral horns from Dmitry Globa-Mikhailenko of the russian drone based ritualistic act Phurpa to the artwork, created by the visionary american artist Vberkvlt (Sunn O))) , Wolves in the Throne Room, among others). Behold the birth of a monster!
The Black Coffins www.myspace.com/theblackcoffins666
The Black Coffins (bandcamp)
Infamous Glory www.infamousglory.com/
Omfalos "Idiots Savants" CD
Omfalos, experimental Black Metal from Brasilia DC, Brazil, formed by two insane minds that meet the following pseudonyms: Thormianak (guitars) e Zé Misanthrope (vocals). Influenced by bands like Voivod, Mayhem, Celtic Frost, Sex Fiend Alien, Ramones, Bauhaus, Faith No More, King Diamond and many others, Thormianak (Miasthenia) and Zé Misanthrope (Cabrunco ​​/ Red Old Snake), present in this album a brilliant work, a variety sound that seeks to show the most intense conflicts in the human mind, such as depression, insomnia, claustrophobic and panic syndrome, and others. It is not just a black metal band. Before you said something "Idiot Savants" is just an album of music sincere and well made, melancholy, anger extremely chaotic and aggressive Black / Death Metal Experimental excellent quality! Highly recommended!
Omfalos www.myspace.com/omfalossavants

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