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Text: We are all grateful Gifu51 We gonna miss the place
por Rafael Karasu (rafael@karasukiller.com)



"We are all grateful Gifu51 We gonna miss the place"

Darge, N.E.K.,suicideTV, Picture Me will performed the last ever show at Gifu51 in Gifu City on March 10th,2012



Can still remember when I bought my Camera to start with photos of bands in live concerts here in Japan, the day of my first album photographic was on November 10th, 2007,was my first gig of my ex-band Nomares and the first time that I saw Darge (current band) PunkLiberation Vol.2 in Gifu City Japan, venue GIFU 51.

Not only Darge but many other friends, bands,labels who organized many gigs there, we can say that is a place that has a history between the people of theunderground scene of Gifu, not only local bands, but many other bands from Japan were present, as well as local bands Darge,The Hips,G.I.D, Volt Validation, Septix, Stupid Trouble, Stab 4 Reason,Vertical, Stinky Vice, HeyDude,suicideTV,The Shredder,Hemispherical,HalfSports,The Dazes,Call.Picture me, Trendkill,Minderased, Dead Gazelles, ,Lastly and other bands from other provinces as N.E.K.,Unholy Grave, Disgust,Riverge, Eternal Elysium, Fortitude,Black Ganion, Ada+Max,Corrupted,Encroached, Midnight Resurrector, Easies, Bloody Smile, Minagi, A.S.K., Frustration,Build More Speed, Acrostix, The Breathless, Social Porks, Paybackboys, Lastsentence, High Voltage Killers, Enslave, Kaos-trofobia,Nomares, Amber Vial,System Fucker, D-Clone, Kass,and many others. Forgive me if I forgot someone's name.

Some bands from other countries who have left their mark on the stages of Gifu51 were Hellsakura (Brazil), Meinhof (U.K), Destino Final (Spain), Iron Lung and Libyans(USA), Boom Boom Kid (Argentina), and many others .. .

SHORT,FAST+LOUD! #24 - Unholy Grave at Gifu5110' inch compilation cover Released by Six Weeks Records (USA)
Grind performance at Gifu51 stage

Which live House from Japan would free the place for crazy Brazilians organize a barbecue? Summer to blast the mind, barbecue in celebration of a CD released by Karasu Killer Records! Place that would free us to bring 40 roast chickens to eat catching with the hand, Birthday parties with over 15 bands, and two people taking care of the stage and console! Many foreigns band gigs support in week days, in other words, making easier condition to organize events.

A simple text in honor of a place important to me, where I made great friends, had the best shows of my life in Japan! I believe that will be missed for all Japanese and foreigners who are on the scene.

It happened that the owner of the place will demolish everything and build some other shit they always do, being a private place, we have no choice but to say goodbye.

"GIFU51 will always be in my heart! I will always remember with nostalgia!"

Rafael Karasu Killer Yaekashi

Japaneses, brazilians, americans,canadians, argentines,english,koreans, Indonesians,Thai, peruvians...."Many nations, and the same feeling!"

To 岐阜51 「51はDARGEにとってHOMEでした!! 51のお陰で沢山企画ができ、さらに海外バンドのツアーサポートも沢山できました!!! サウンドシステムには限界がありますが、バンド側にとってはとても良心的、協力的でやりやすい場所でした!!! だからこそ、これから色んなバンドや音を発信する人達には気楽に動きやすいキッカケになる貴重か場所だと思っていただけに本当に残念です!!! 他の地域には無い自慢のDIYスクワットハウス(笑)?!!!! 今までの51スタッフに大感謝!!!!!!! 少ないスタッフでのやり繰りでの運営本当にお疲れ様でした!!!!!!!!! 色々迷惑もかけたましたが、本当にありがとうございました!!!!!!!」
Oze / Darge

51 means moshing with the best crowd. frisbee in the parking lot. chilling. being our own best fans. friendly staff. me feeling free. so so many emotions. For one night, I love everybody. 51 means the first place I heard hardcore punk in Japan. After five years of party-and-musical hiatus, the first show I saw at 51 blew me away with ambient, industrial, experimental, and hardcore noise. I found a new energy and fell in love with life. When I'm in my hometown, in the US, it's hard to believe I can go back to all that, and now it's hard to believe I can't. But I know the people will endure even when 51 is gone!
Jenn Lue

51は僕にとって、音響が良かろうが、悪かろうが、ライヴハウスって雰囲気でALL OK!!って認識した最高の遊び場! !
Junichi /Volt Validation

Gifu51, significa poluição sonora! Parece uma casa mal assombrada, a nossa cara! Sem falar na galera de Gifu q são super gente fina, eh uma pena que vai acabar, sem mais palavras....
Alex Pankada

51は僕にとっては自分の限界を超える場所です。 みんなのエネルギーがそうさせるのか、血中の二酸化炭素がそうさせるのかは分かりません。
Shinnosuke Chosa Darge/ Jubilee

It was a hot summer of 2009 when I first visit Gifu51. I remember Destino Final (Spain, DARGE, D-Clone, System Fucker and Kass played that night. When I first saw the Gifu 51, I thought I’ve never been to this type of venue in Japan because usually I went to some live club located near subway station or crowded area. Even though the venue was located in little bit inconvenient area for tourist like me (even there was no convenient store around here in 2009), I had such a great time before gig, during the gig and after gig. Every time I go to Gifu51, I’ve made some of the best memories in Japan with friends, people, and bands. GIFU 51 to me is not just venue but remind me of good time I’ve had in past couple of years (barbeque party, crazy after party, intense lives, friend’s birthday, new record release party..ect). I am sure many people will be sad after hearing this sad news but perhaps GIFU51 will be remembered by us because we’ve shared such a nice time there.
Na Young Kim

Gifu 51. I only went there once but I remember it very well. Except I don't remember it that well because that night there were 17 grindcore bands playing and it seems to be compulsory over there to go to the conveni across the street between each band and down a tallboy of lager before the next band starts. I think the reason I could hardly stand up though was because of all the meat I was given by Alex Pankada. Where else in Japan could you enjoy a Brazilian BBQ in front of a gig? Not in Osaka that's for sure. Great food, great people, great beer, great atmosphere and terrible bands (just kidding hahaha). Have a great last gig at Gifu 51!! Kanpai !!
Mike Foster

岐阜51がなくなることは、さびしいね 雰囲気もいいし、ライブもやりやすかったし、自分 に とっては 岐阜 で 一番 好きな ライブハウスだったよ!
Shunsuke Mori / G.I.D

"GIFU51 is the best place in Gifu (and possibly the planet) for punk shows!! A place to let loose and get thrashed around listening to some of the best hardcore bands around!! Best of all is the intensity and the people!! Can never forget this place. It will be missed!"
Marcel Jaibat

Gifu 51 is the ultimate punk house. It looks like it is going to fall over at any minute and then you walk inside and you see something totally different. Something special. It is the kind of place that is there for all music of all kinds. I have seen great music there, played music there, had BBQs and parties there, even hung out there in my free time. I have always had great memories of Gifu 51 and I am sad to see it go away. But it will never be forgotten.
Dakota Alexander / Crime&theVacation

"Para mí Gifu Hardcore / Punk escena! " / "For me,Gifu Hardcore / Punk scene! "
Julian Higa

Gifu 51? punk! rock! and vibrant, exciting music of all sounds and colors. and good acoustics, to boot. the first show i went to in japan was at gifu 51. real glad the place exists-always good music and good fun to be had!
Sean Redmond

"Gifu51 live house paling mantap Dan tempat meluapkan semua emosi!! Dengan stage kecilnya yang membuat kita semua menjadi keluarga!!" / "Gifu51 is live fuckin house small stage and very awesome!"
Riichi Umeda

"a place where people can feel free that encourages creativity and artistic freedom in an often conformist culture"
Jacob Malovany

Gifu51 significa o inicio da maioria das minhas amizades. Foi la que conheci muita gente e tb eh o lugar que mais tenho tranquilidade e disponibilidade pra me locomover, ja que fica perto de casa e posso ir de carro. Nao me sinto em casa em outro lugar tanto quanto o 51!!! / Gifu51 means the beginning of most of my friends. It was there I met many people and is also the place that I have more peace and readiness to move me, as it isclose to home and I can go by car.I do not feel at home anywhere else as much as 51!
Carol Yui

自分の短いバンド生活のなかで、51には本当にお世話になりました! お世話になりっぱなしで、なにも恩返しできず、すいません! 中島さんの時代から、企画のほとんどを51でやらせてもらって、日本各地から、カッコいいバンドを呼べたことが一番の思い出です。 出演者もお客さんもはじめて来る人は口を揃えて、いいハコだねといってくれたことが自分のことのように嬉しかったです。 自分自信ももちろん51が大好きだったし、なくなってしまうのは寂しいですが、みなさんそれぞれこれからのステージでのご活躍を期待しています。

Me perdi dos meus amigos do lado de fora…mas quando entrei estavam todos ali foi um dos melhores shows da minha vida não vou esquecer aquele palco com um violão acústico na parede! / I missed my friends from the outside ... but when I was all there was one of the best shows of my life I will not forget the stage with an acoustic guitar on the wall!
Cherry HellSakura

"GIFU51 Photos 2007-2012"

2012.03.10 Punk Liberation Vol.14 GrindPunkMetalocalaypse Gifu 51's Last.Show.Ever at Gifu51 - Gifu city SOON!!!

2011.10.10 Punk Liberation Vol.12 "Libyans Japan Tour 2011" at Gifu51 - Gifu

2011.08.27 4 WAY FOR DESTRUCTION II CD Release gig "Punk Liberation Vol.11" at Gifu51 - Gifu Grind Hell - Japan

2011.08.27 2011.06.12 虹の架け橋 Vol.1 @ Gifu51 - Gifu city

2011.04.17 宇宙日本岐阜51 (Charity live) live at Gifu51 - Gifu city

2011.03.19 Punk Liberation Vol.8 "Iron Lung Japan Tour 2011" @ Gifu51 - Gifu Hell (We played for Japan ! )

2011.01.15 Happy Birthday you Bastards" Punk Liberation Vol.7 @ Gifu51 - Gifu Hell

2010.09.19 BOOM BOOM KID (Argentina) Gira Japón 2010 at GIFU51 - Gifu City

2010.08.28 PUNK LIBERATION Vol.6 @ GIFU51 - Gifu city

2010/07.25 DO IT PUNK This place exists @ Gifu51 Goichi - Gifu City

2009.12.12 Break a Rock & Radio Beat @ Gifu51 Goichi - Gifu City 岐阜

2009.09.26 FUCK AUTHORITY vol.5 @ GIFU51 - 岐阜

2009.07.17 Punk Liberation Vol.5 - Destino Final (Spain) Japan Tour 2009

2009.05.07 PUNK LIBERATION Vol.4 @ Gifu City• GIFU51

2009.04.18 Punk Liberation Vol.3 @ gifu51 – Gifu City

2009.03.14 FUCK AUTHORITY vol.4 @ Gifu51 – Gifu City

2008.12.27 U.L.T.R.A. SEX Live @ Gifu51 - Gifu City

2008.10.09 ALL DAY HELL vol.5 - Lust For Destruction Tour Meinhof (London) Disgust (Nagoya) @ Goichi51 – Gifu City

2008.05.10 ULTRA S.E.X @ Goichi51 - Gifu City

2007.11.10 Punk Liberation Vol2-Gifu City Japan

Gifu51 Videos

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