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Text: Eduardo Bokäa and Rafael Karasu
Photos: Mateus Mondini e Daigo Oliva 
originally published in DOLL (Japan) #242

I am Eduardo Bokäa, I answer for the Karasu Killer Records (São Paulo), releasing bands in Brazil and Japan, to the side of my partner Rafael Karasu, who plays in a band Nipo-Brazilian called NOMARES, Gifu - Japan. I carry through some on activities to the scene of my city, as to play in the bands; F.O.M.I (currently developing thrashcore dub with jazz influences, to stoner rock, and soft melodies), Chinese Tortura (experimental math-core) and a private secret project.  I will search to shows something positive and real related to my optics on the scene hc-punk of São Paulo. Where punk is for real!

The scene punk-hardcore in São Paulo lives days of renewal. This is one very comfortable and entertainer. New faces in gigs are the perfect translation of that the gear does not go to stop so early. By the way, by the historical factor - the legend prays - it is said that one of first shows punks in the South America was carried through in the adjacencies of the quarter of the Pompéia, São Paulo. Other legends disagree affirming that this first concert was in the zone east, in a periphery (guetto) next to the mythical original place of Terror House.

Independent of an official place which has occurred, a scene does not live of legends, and it lives of action. And we are not here for hearing histories, and we are here to proliferate what it will be projected history for our hands of days that are born and die in the speed of mismanaged cars bombs, to the some time. And since the first concerts, first fanzines, the first chords and first injected musics of hatred and revolt against the system-state-everything and all, this prevails beating with active riffs-fast-beating-hearts, dissonant intensity and quick (or not) São Paulo's Underground!

One of the main provoking foundations of a series of changes in the São Paulo scene is the Collective Verdurada. One of collective the most active ones since 1996. Formed for the community punk-hc-sxe, it answers for the Verdurada (one of the biggest events "Do it Yourself" of Brazil and the South America carried through without none support), growing to each edition. The Collective one also answers for other events involving hardcore, politics, lectures, debates, expositions of videos and divergent art in general.

One of the hearts of the scene hardcore-punk of São Paulo is the GALLERY OF THE ROCK. It is there where spreading of the concerts with bigger emphasis for a older and more recent public occurs. Beyond sheltering some store. As; Decontrol (Fabio, OLHO SECO), 255 (Ailton and Fausto of Travolta Records), Veganpride (Lauro and Chris), Trezeta Records (Fusco), Estrondo (Renato, Setembro Negro), between many others. It are of the Gallery of the Rock we have the store Extreme Noise (Marcelo ROT of the Absurd Records).

In these store they circulate records, cds, demos, zines, T-shirts of the bands, adhesives, patches, buttons, merchs in general. Impossible to nowadays imagine an active and incessant scene without a gallery of the rock.

In determined time of the year, responsible for the administration of the Gallery of the Rock they organize some festivals in front of the place with support of the secretariat of the culture.

Beyond these cited Record Labels above we can also stand out the labels; Pecúlio Discos (Boka, R.D.P.), Cospe Fogo Gravações (Dãr, DER), União Positiva (Bruno), Usina de Sangue (Fábio, Sick Terror), Armadillo Recs (Renato), Ideal Records (Felipe e Maria), 78 Life (Franco), 2+2=5 (Douglas Bäarulhator), Highlight Sounds (Césinha), Scarface Sounds (Shamil, Inkognitta), among others!

There are not many live houses in São Paulo city  interested in the Punk & HC audiences, but we can find few places to take refuge. One of them is HANGAR 110 that has been supporting the scene since 1988 for the scene hardcore-punk and more current sources, as terrible emo-Hardcore, for example, that he is things of children of the daily pay-adolescence!  It is a place that receives national and international bands, giving opportunity for new and experienced bands to perform. The house also offers international attractions since it has good and organized structure. The SHED OF the VERDURADA is one of the places that always receives a good public . Arriving even though at leaving good part of it for it are. Punx, Sxes, Thrashers, Fans of heavy rock, Crazy rockers and Indies of all place of Brazil mark presence in this event. It is difficult even though to transit in the enclosure, to eat something, to drink, to buy records, but, this does not take off the brightness of the event. It would be worse if it was without public. It exists the ESPAÇO IMPRÓPRIO. One of my favourite places. Since 1999 it is a place that congregates at the same time; studio of trainings, house of events, bar and restaurant vegan-vegetarian, among others diverse activities of diverse divergent factors.The GERMINAL one is a house that appeared has some time and has climate of the ESPAÇO IMPRÓPRIO the same. An option for shows more lesser, expositions, debates, lectures and everything this with a good vegetarian food and frozenbeer. Some nocturnal houses open the doors for festivals punks! A good example is the OUTS, rock bar with 3 environments that already received festivals as THRASHFEST É AQUI - in the molds of the famous dutch event that counts on many different bands in two stages. It had the participation of the Frenchmen of the Vömit Will be Breakfast in its first edition, amongst other names of hc-punk world-wide. Other important Live houses and sheds; Tribe House, Black Jack, Blue Beer, Rock Together, Fun House, Inferno Club, Clube Belfiore , Arena Rock, Catedral Rock Bar, Juke Joint, for goes there.

Currently fanzines has not circulated many printed matters. "Boom" of the Internet ceased a little the sprouting this. The most read they are e-zines, as ZonaPunk, Rock Press, ValePunk and fóruns of labels and scenes you specify. Oldest Megarock, NFL Zine and Antimidia are some of zines in activity

My Favourite zine in circulation is FODIDO e XEROCADO, that are a photo-zine edited for Mateus Mondini and Daigo Oliva. Both main responsible for register in photos of the current São Paulo scene to the side of Jozzu de Freitas, Rita Gonsalves, between innumerable others

Ah yes, it went forgetting, exist some programmed that they touch a trash metal, in virtual radios, as UP THE METAL PUNX - of our great friend, Bonga. Old it had more space in open radios.

Finally I arrived in the part of the bands. To write scene reports gives a injured work, friends Goes there! São Paulo has an ample, very vast musical scene and increasing to each week. For being one mega metropolis and one of the cities most populous of Latin America. Band is what we have much. I go to start for the bands who I more see to play.

RATOS DE PORÃO - Band punk is more amazing, respectable and surprising of if attending the living creature. Dismissal presentations. After to have released " Homem Inimigo do Homem" they had played very here for São Paulo and world measures. In giving the certainty of that still it has very to be written in this alive legend of punk world-wide.

CÓLERA -Words are not enough to express the energy of this band, That it does not cease when passing of the years, for the the opposite, intensifies and is as the wine. He seems that the more old, better. End of show of the faces, you note faces always moved. Melodies punk rock that touch deep in the soul. If I to continue speaking of old bands who are in the active, go to finish losing the main reason of this Scene Report, To present the NEWNESS. However, I do not have as to deny that last show of the LOBOTOMIA - that I witnessed, was VERY good. Without speaking in PATIFE BAND - that punk is an inexplicable band with its sense experimental rock and non sense. As they can see the past lives in the current São Paulo scene. Now speaking in future. Some bands of the new harvest are showing to that they had come

DISCARGA - The best band hardcore of São Paulo goes generating children, clones searching aimings particular, influence for the new generation. I SHOT CYRUS - Is Hardcore extreme fast inspired by Negazione , with much variation of time, vocal torn and instrumental worked well! the band came back the active and presenting toward bass Mauricio Toda – La Revancha – Lately we had the sprouting of bands here who are launching albums and giving to continuity the previous works as:

ROT - The masters of grindcore!
D.E.R- Fast extreme Grind la Assück versus Last Days of Humanity!
BxUxSxHx - 80' s Hardcore, not skate punk
Life Is A Lie - Nihilist Blackcore of the Beastly Lair!
Are You God? - Grind design la Japanische Kampfhoerspiele
Intifada - Crustcore vs death metal
Bandanos - Crossover is back!
Subtera - Grindcore days!!!
O Inimigo - Melodic Harcdore & chaos!
Besta-Fera - Punk Rawk to hear in little parties!
Tri-Lambda - Coffee and nerdcore!
Hutt - Welcome to room 666.
Eu Serei A Hiena - Soundtrack from deep of the sea a la Three.
Presto? - Grind-Harcore of the chaotic streets of São Paulo.
RxHxD - Crossover by members of the Presto?
Ruína - Dense, dense, dense.
Ação Direta - Hardcore Punk vanguard of the ABC.
Agrotóxico - Hardcore Punk from São Paulo
Social Chaos - Brave crustcore !
Demian - Thrashcore with a pretty lady in the vocals.
Questions - Metalcore old school.
Blasthrash - Thraaaaaash in your better way!
Elma - Metal InstruMetal.
Paranóia Oeste - Metal Experimental Grind of the forest!
Indexterity - Hardcore, chemistry metal and LSD.
Abravanel - This is Pirituba punk sxe!
Trator Cavera - Raw punk motorized until the bone !
Plague Rages - Grindcore old school!

The harvest most recent has as focus active important bands and very formed by full boys of energy, a new group or members of old bands with new projects, such as:

Massacre em Alphaville
Naifa - Punk Hardcore and knife!
F.O.M.I - Dubcore with jazz influence jazz or not!
La Revancha - Thrashcore knows Dick Dale!
SWCF - Youthcore good-tempered and full of energy!
Diarréia Brutal - Punk Hardcore from ABC!
Nerds Attack! - Fastcore nerd pro homocore!
Diskontrol - D-beat Crustcore
Positive Youth - Hc old school pro vegetarianism!
XÓDIOX - Lack of Interest from sapopemba with female vocals
New Force - Youthcore fast and brave.
Nossa Vingança - Rude Hardcore with sing-alongs and delicacies!
Hiraki - Power violence dirty and very ugliest.
Busscops - Youthpunx from Pirituba!
Cabeça Degato - Olho Seco kicks ass of the Titãs!
M.ine - Melodic songs to hear with the girlfriend!
Acid Rain - Disrupt singing in the acid rain!
Justiça - Hardcore made for girls!

Vendetta - Hc old school!
L’Enfer - Terrible songs!!!
O Cúmplice - Bad boys making metal !
Subcut - Yaecoepsae from Roça!!!
Circus Satanae - circus of the bare city!
Alto Teor de Revolta - Metalcore a la Point of No Return!
Leroy - Metal-hc-emotional and raging!
Le Ballet de Frida - Ballet post hardore!
Taiko - the revolt of Hc Metal from Roça!
Mercedes - Girls making rock for days of rain.
Trovadores de Bordel - Ex-Gasolines, surf-brega in cabaret!
Esquesito Somos - Skacore of the sayajin!!!
MxAxCxE - Crossover Thrash from ABC!
Sguardo Realta - Hardcore, skate and rugby!
Leptospirose - Hardcore fast, jazz and punk raw.
Overlife Inc. - True Melodic Hardcore
Jeffrey Dahmer - Serial Killer metal!
Inkognitta - Metal from Guarulhos

It is not easy to write about scene, but I liked the chance to present optics that the times can add something to the life of somebody. A scene serves for this, exactly with the advantages and the cons. We do not obtain to live outside of this world that is not an escape valve, but, in it directs them to the one in becoming them less standardized. Hail punk-hardcore of São Paulo and the world!