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Review - Aversionline - 2004
Here's some raging grindcore from Brazil that sort of reminds me of Brujeria in a way, though mainly due to the intensity of the vocals, layering awesome low growls with high sneers and some midrange screams as well. Musically there are elements of everything from early Brutal Truth to crossover thrash chord progressions that focus more on overall feel than heaviness or intense speeds. Hell, some of the songs even have little hints that sound similar to more aggressive takes on old school hardcore to me! Other than that, there's not much to it. They fly through 11 tracks in about 10 minutes, and it's pretty consistent. Some songs are better than others, but it's a brief demo that ends in a flash. The sound isn't so bad for a demo, either. The tones are rough and the mix favors the vocals sometimes, but for the most part it sounds pretty damn good for what it is. There's a lot of room for improvement, but I've heard proper releases from other bands in the genre that sound worse than this. The layout is fairly simple, as the booklet was printed from a quality color printer and the back is a xerox. The cover is a pentagram and the band logo, and then there are some randomly collaged images with a xeroxed lyric insert glued into the center of the booklet. Everything is in Portuguese, so I'm not sure what the content might deal with. The last two tracks aren't listed on the back cover, so I don't know what that's all about... but either way, this is a cool demo from a band to watch. Hopefully they'll get the chance to do a 7" or something soon. (6/10)


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Massacre em Alphaville porque nós odiamos Alphaville em todos os seus sentidos; odiamos sua simbologia, sua ideologia, seu significado material e histórico, seus moradores ricos e suas ruas segregadoras. Massacre em Alphaville porque não queremos mais uma sociedade excludente que separa através de muros de concreto e dinheiro as pessoas com quem gostaríamos de estar. Massacre em Alphaville porque fomos nós quem construímos Alphaville, assim como toda(s) a(s) cidade(s), para agora nos impedirem de usufruí-la(s) com regras desiguais e injustas. Massacre em Alphaville porque anunciamos aqui a retomada das ruas da cidade e da história, da democracia (direta), da vida, da NOSSA vida. Enfim, Massacre em Alphaville porque nós não queremos nem precisamos dos seus carros e das suas mansões, mas o que seriam de vocês sem seus motoristas e empregadas domésticas? 

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