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CD’s nacionais R$18,00
CD's Brazil $9
ブラジル CD's 1.200円〜1.500円
CD’s Importados R$30,00/R$35,00
Imported CD's $14 / 1.800円

Abort Mastication "Orgs"CD
Adokhsiny(S.Korea/Malaysia) / Black Angel(Peru) - Black Ritual Of Satan(Split 2010) Black/Death CD
Agathocles "Angry Anthems 1985 - 2010" (CD)
Agathocles "Mince Core History 1997-1999" CD
Agathocles "Mince Core History 1985-1990" CD
Agathocles/Kazamate split CD
Anarkhon (Brazil) " Covent Possession" CD Brutal Death Metal
Ancient Horns(Philippines) - Profano(2010) Black/Death
Anti Spectable S/T CD
Are You God " Miranda" CD
Armagedom "Sem Esperanças" CD
As Sahar(Singapore) - Phenomistik(2011 Digi CD) Black/Death CD
Banjax “Ride the ever changing wind” CD
Banjax “jap tittle” CD
Besthoven "Quando a bomba explode..."CD
Bombenalarm s/t CD
xBrainiax - Hail Fastcore CD
Cabarets s/t CD
Cash Dogs “Buzz Emotion” CD
Cinder "Sneaking Out" CD
Catheter / F.U.B.A.R. split CD
Catheter "Preamble To Oblivion" CD
Chainsaw Carnage(U.S.A.) / Wargoatcult(Spain) - War & Carnage CD(Split 2011) Black/Death & Atomik
Coffins/ March of Desapair EPCD
Coffins/ Sweage Slugecore Treatment CD
Coffins/ Sacrifice To Evil Spirit Digipack CD
Coffins/ Mortuary In Darkness Digipack CD
Coffins/ The Other Side Of Blasphemy Digipack CD
Cripple Bastards "Variante Alla Morte" CD
Crux / Pazahora Split CD
D.E.R.- Quando a esperança desaba CD (reissue/Importado)
Dead Infection "Human Slaughter Till Remains" CD
Deadly Spawn (Japan)-From Beyond The Dark CD
Death Dealers “Files of Atrocity” CD
Death Token "All dreams are Nightmares" CD
Demonical Crisis Assembly(Malaysia) - Open Fire CD(2010) War Black CD
Diborce(Japan)- Negative Attack CD
DISTURBANCE PROJECT "Mediocridad Extreme" CD
Disgusting Lies “Beginning” 2xCD
Disrupt “The Rest” 2xCD
Dirty Power Game “Oligarchia Parassita” CD
EU’S ARSE2008 “sdrondenade arcor” CD
Encoffination "O' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres" CD
Encoffination "Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh" CD (REISSUE)
Extirpation(Spain) - Tormentor Supreme Black Katharsis CD (2010) Bestial Black/Death
The Futures "分裂電塊" CD
F.U.B.A.R. "Studio Sessions 2002-2004" CD
Fall to their Death "Chains in transmission" CD
Funebrarum "Dormant Hallucination" (CD)
Germ Attack “They live we sleep” CD
Germ Attack “Ouroboros” CD
Giuda s/t CD
The Griffin “We stand firm” CD
Griffin “All in griffing Swift Revenge” CD
Gods of Grind (Japan)/ GATE(Japan) split CD
Guerra Total(Colombia) - Nuklear Zombie Division CD(2010) Black/Speed/Thrash CD
Hibiki “Speed Freaks” CD
Hate no.3 “The voice full of hate from far east.co.jp” CD
Heat Rock s/t CD
Hermanos de la Mente Furiosa "Armonizando la Rabia" CD
Haemorrhage "Loathesongs" CD (reissue)
Hummingbird of Death - Show Us The Meaning Of Haste CD
Imperial Leather / Clash Dogs “Crash your border” Split CD
Imperial Leather “Unconditional Conditions” CD
Imperial Leather “Do you know where your children are?” CD
Inkognitta - A Resposta dos Mais Fracos CD
Jersey Killer "te amo hasta el inferno" CD
Juventude Maldita / Final Fight "Quem de medo corre, de medo morre" Split CD
KSK- Bouncecore from tha hood 3"CD
Kerenaneko / Archaghatus “Mince to Death” CD
Kias Fansuri “dua tahun pertama” CD
Kvoteringen / Nitad split CD
Love Potion "Ejaculator" CD
Low Fat / Carcass Grinder split CD
Lixomania "Violência & Sobrevivencia CD
Mata Ratos - És um homem ou és um Rato? CD
Meinhof “Under the burning sky of future events” CD
Morbid Macabre "Hell and Damnation" (CD)
Morte Asceta / D.E.R. split CD
Neuropathia "Satan owns your stereo" CD
Nice Idiot "This is no party" CD
Nieu Dieu Maitre / Short Fuse "Corporations Destruction Songs" CD
Noisebazooka "Humped world" CD
Nomares – “RasCUnhos 2005-2008” CD
Normals “Ana” CD
Naught in the Misery “Overflow” CD
Normals “Normal” CD
NxExK/ADA+MAX - "Arroz,Feijao e味噌汁" split (CD)
OOZE "Dansing On the Edge With the times" CD
Periferia S.A. - "Periferia S.A." CD
PROJECT HOPELESS "Hit men inte längre utan skyddshjälm 2001-2004 CD
PROLETAR Discography old school grindcore from Indonesia on CD
PISSCHRÎST Nothing Has Chaged CD
Psycho "The Grind Years" CD
R.H.D "Xô Governo" CD
Rape Pillage and Burn "Songs Of Death... Songs Of Hell" (MCD)
Ratos de Porão “Carniceria Tropical” CD
Ratos de Porão “No money No English” CD
Ratos de Porão “Feijoada Acidente - Brasil” CD
Ratomaniax - Tributo aos Ratos de Porão CD
Ruin “T.R.I.B.E.” CD
Reduction s/t CD
Reexamine "Laughing Dolls In The Purple Sunshine"CD
Restos de Ontem CD
Risposta “Schválen byl nový ?ád” CD
Rogue State "Emic vs. Etic" CD
S.M.D.-“The Devil Makes Me Do It”CD east LA crossover thrash
S.M.D.-“Motherfucker666"”CD east LA crossover thrash
Setiembreonce "No Estamos a salvo" CD
Sin Orden "Arte, Cultura y Resistencia" CD
Skeletal Spectre "Occult Spawned Premonitions" CD
Soul Devour(Singapore) - Apocalyptic Anti-Human Annihilation CD (2010) Old School Death
Spiritualgame “The Die is Cast” CD
Sete Star Sept “Gero Me” CD
Simbiose “Evolution” CD
The Solution/The basements “Shakin Roll over” Split CD
S41 s/t CD
The Solution “I’m Pissed off” CD
Scatha “After the Dust Settles” CD
Splatter Whore - City Of The Sleazehounds CD (Gore/grind metal de E.U.A)
Stormcrow "Enslaved In Darkness" CD
Stormcrow / Mass Grave Split CD
Straight Answer “The Complete Discography 1996-2007” CD
Test “Arabe Macabre” CD
The Now Denial "Mundane Lullaby" CD
The Now Denial "Obey, Adapt,Shut up and Die" CD
Tri-State KIlling Spree-"Some Words..."CD
Trikorona/ 様々な困惑Various Embarrassments CD
Un Quarto Morto il Dono Della Sintesi "First Fast Three Years" CD
V/A 5 way Abominations, Chaos and Bestial Warfare (ADOKHSINY/WARGOATCULT/WICKED/NADIMAC/LAND OF HATE) CD South Korea / Spain / Sweden / Serbia / Italy Black Death Thrash
V/A Banned in Nagoya II CD
V/A Discharge Tributo CD
V/A dfer (Goum, The Tolchockers, The Marvelous,The Go, Kaltbruching Acideath, Amnesea, Varaus S.S., Peaceful Collapse, Asmodeus, Band Of Accuse, Strange Factory, 2nd Degree) CD
V/A Grind Bastards Vol.5 CD
V/A Grind Bastards Vol.6 CD
V/A - Illegal Grinding CD
V/A Life’s a Bitch (Pogo Machine/Discocks/2nd Degree/Hat Trickers) CD
V/A Tomorrow will be horse Vol.3 (Vivisick, Struck, FOD, Brody’s Militia and more) CD
Wolf Brigade “Prey to the World” CD
V/A Kakumei. 2 (Assfort/Misery/nessundorma/FearlessVampireKillers) CD
Vanquish Sound Enterprise “VSEII” CD
Vanquish Sound Enterprise “VSEIII” CD
The Vendetta "Blood Calls 2 Blood" CD
The Vendetta "Free Sicko" CD
Voracious Soul CD
Voracious Soul “Adrenalin Storm” CD
WxCxM "O Chaos Continuara" CD
WARSTATE(Japan)- Endless Confusion CD
The Wank YS "K nock One Out" CD