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質問と回答 / f.a.q.
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What is Karasu Killer?
Karasu Killer Records is an independent label and distro that was born to make the exchange between Brazil and Japan, a idea that lasted a long time. But starting today KKR distributes your releases in Japan and around the world.

My band has a recorded CD, and we'd like Karasu Killer to distribute our stuff. How can we send it?
Bands who are interested in a distribution deal with KKR should get in touch with us through our e-mail address (karasukiller@karasukiller.com)

Does Karasu Killer prefer a specific musical style?
Yes. Karasu Killer is interested in distributing material from bands that play as grindcore, punk, hardcore, crust, fastcore, power violence, thrash, death, doom,drone,sludge, stoner... In a word: noise!

Besides distributing, does Karasu Killer also release bands ?
Karasu Killer works with their own releases, and sometimes also participates in co-releases!

Is Karasu Killer interested in trading?
KKR is interested in trading its material for releases from Asian, American and European bands and labels. If you're interested, you can make a proposition by email (karasukiller@karasukiller.com).

Why is the Karasu Killer distro stuff so expensive?
The people involved in Karasu Killer works hard to send Japanese material to Brazil, which is imported. Sending heavy packages to Brazil every month isn´t easy, there are high postage fees and also problems with the customs. The price is accessible if you have doubts compare our prices to imported CDs at the stores. Remember the Land of the Rising Sun is far away from Brazil.